Price 250.00 SAR

There are many pluses to acquiring one of our IT maintenance contracts. To further illustrate, here are some of the perks:

  • Guaranteed on-site IT support when you need it most.

  • An affordable fixed price contract rate.

  • The comfort of knowing your technology will be up and running promptly if it ever goes now.

  • Dramatic decrease in your system downtime.

  • Continued IT maintenance support as long as the contract exists, along with the option to renew or extend any or all terms of the contract.

IT maintenance is one of the most useful and practical moves an organization can make from a technology standpoint. With that said, most organizations are usually at least somewhat hesitant to commit to a contract with a fixed price. However, and as intimidating as these terms may seem, they always end up working out to our client’s advantage. While there may be a commitment involved with a maintenance contract, the duration does not necessarily need to be long term.

Many of our contracts merely last a matter of months, and are then renewable depending on the client’s satisfaction. Additionally, working with a fixed price on the contract often grants a more affordable rate than using one of our other services like break fix.

Ultimately, trying out an IT maintenance contract with Entre provides your organization with a relatively low risk commitment that can potentially turn into something lasting for both of our companies. Still, if you find that a contracted service with us is not meant for your organization, we highly suggest checking out one of our other no commitment services, like break fix.

To hear more about our IT maintenance contracts, and how they can potentially boost your company’s technology presence, contact us today.